Saturday, October 30, 2010


Terrorist Attack on London's Westminster Bridge Leaves 5 Dead, Including Attacker and Officer...
LONDON, I feel for you.  Because, I truly love you. If I had a choice I would have moved to London years ago. Fell in love with this city in 1997, during my first visit to see a friend, Hopeton Shaw. Same year Ultra Nate had the biggest pop hit, Free. Little did I know that this would be a turning point in my life. Or, I dare say; the year I came of age, was in this city on my first visit. To put it more precisely, I WAS NEVER THE SAME AGAIN. – London changed me from this small island bwoy to, well…who I am today. Daring, uninhibited, don’t give a shit, pleasure seeker. My taste in lovers also changed since then, became more eclectic – for lack of a better word. In London I met a best friend for life, and an ex-lover at Kudos. A rather fine Spaniard from Alicante, who I followed to Madrid for three months. There in London I also found my biggest crush (A Dane from Denmark) at Heavens Night Club. “Got off my head” at London Pride, I believe it was in Clapham Commons that year, can’t remember, so much of that day is still lost in a purple haze.  Had my first threesome at SUMMER RITES (Well not in the park, after the festivities) and the list goes on. There were so many firsts in London.  It was like falling in love for the first time. Yeah, kinda like that. London was my first love. You know the way how a first love opens you up to so many things. Went to Ibiza for the first time, had my first paella…and the list goes on. Suddenly it was like being born again, my eyes finally opened. I became me. London provided me with so much material for poems, short stories; actually I really started to write after that trip. So London, you hurt, I hurt, cause you will always be  a part of me. ALWAYS WITH YOU LONDON.